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Great Game! Specialy because how y'all conected the music with the characters of the game, awesome! Maybe it would be better if it was easier xD 

Good job dude, I really like the game, the controls could have been improved and also the camera movement. Overall it's good

Thanks for the feedback! I'm happy you liked it.


I had some hard time at the beginning getting used to the controls.
I even took my custom keyboard to change them for a more comfortable ones for me X'D

Its pretty adictive and easy to understand. I wasn't able to reach over 50 score but I enjoyed playing it 👍


Thanks for the feedback and I'm glad you enjoyed it :)


That's a lot of parallaxing layers :P I liked how the three forms had strengths and weaknesses. Solid visuals, background music was slightly repetitive but fitting.

The boar and the eagle seemed somewhat interchangeable since the gazelle can run over the ground traps, and with the rocks falling from above I didn't really use the eagle much.


Thanks for the feedback dude!  :)

I hope you had fun and I'll try not to make such annoying music next time lol


Wasn't that bad, just that the loop was short :P

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Thanks again :)