Note: The original LD jam version is in the file "". The WebGL and the "" versions are a post-jam updated version with fixes and improvements.


A young woman wakes up from her sleep, trying to remember something important. As her journey goes on you unravel her past and lead her through recollection. Will she be able to not be led astray from herself?



Arrow keys - Movement

E - Interact

Space - Jump

Left Shift + direction - Dash ( 🔓 on level 2)

A/D - Move platforms ( 🔓 on level 2)



Design: Lyrcaxis

Coding: Pulni, Lyrcaxis, BloodyStupidViktor

Graphics: nefeli, virimine

Sound: JimRodVII



Download 37 MB
Download 60 MB
Download 53 MB

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